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Autism Genome Project - Gulbenkian - Phase II

2007 Autism Genome Project

Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência
Oeiras, Portugal

Building on previous success, the coalition of researchers will now apply state-of-art 'gene-chip' technologies to scan the genome for association with new genetic markers, as well as sub-microscopic copy number variations (CNVs) along chromosomes in autism. These findings will guide high-throughput DNA sequencing experiments designed to pinpoint underlying changes in DNA sequences in autism susceptibility genes. The unprecedented statistical power generated by the AGP will ultimately allow researchers to confirm the role of these genes in autism spectrum disorders. The Autism Simplex Collection (TASC) will contribute more than 2000 parent-child trio families previously ascertained by AGP member groups to this effort by updating phenotypic assessments to a common standard and providing fresh blood samples to central repositories. This dataset will provide a valuable resource for the broader autism community, supporting autism scientific research into the future.




Vicente, Astrid


Huang, Jeffrey

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3 years

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Autism Genome Project

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