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Adulthood in ASD: Identifying Vocational Trajectories in a Well-Characterized Longitudinal Cohort

2021 Predoctoral Fellowships

University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
United States

Previous work in employment, education, and other community activities outside the home for people with autism suggest that there are four trajectories an autistic adult follows that predict their participation in these activities as adults. By looking at experiences of autistic people already enrolled in a longitudinal study who have been followed since childhood, researchers hope to uncover what characteristics are linked to or can predict each trajectory and how those activities change over 10 years to understand how stable their participation in community life is as adults. These fine-grained analyses may reveal intervention targets for adults on the spectrum of varying ability levels.




Clarke, Elaine


Lord, Catherine

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2 years

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Predoctoral Fellowships

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