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The Development and Pilot Testing of Open Access Screening and Diagnostic Tools for Autism Spectrum

2018 Targeted

KEMRI-Welcome Trust Research Programme

Autism affects an estimated 1 percent of the world’s population, with numbers increasing alongside growing awareness. Autism prevalence in many low- and middle-income countries remains largely unknown. Various factors contribute to this dearth of information. Key among them is inadequate access to reliable and valid diagnostic and assessment measures that are affordable and culturally appropriate. These tools are also crucial for improving community surveillance that identifies children who need intervention services and support.

To address these needs, this study aims to develop a suite of screening and diagnostic instruments that will be accessible, appropriate, acceptable, reliable and valid for worldwide use. Initially, the study will take place in three sites in Kenya, South Africa and Liverpool. (The on-site investigators will be Kenyan, South African and British, respectively.) We will expand to additional sites as we gather more experience.

We will use a public-health approach to develop the tools and evaluate their cultural appropriateness and feasibility in different settings as well as their sensitivity and specificity in diagnosing autism.




Abubakar, Amina

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2 years

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