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Telehealth System to Improve Medication Management of ASD Remotely

2012 Innovative Small Business Research

Behavior Imaging Solutions
Boise, Idaho
United States

Behavior Imaging Solutions (BIS) has developed and successfully demonstrated a unique “telehealth” (or “e-visit”) technology platform called Behavior Imaging® (B.I.). Project would enhance this platform to help doctors more effectively administer evidence-based practice to address the scarcity of psychiatric services for the autism community via providing enabling technology to facilitate ‘medication management’, while providing doctor more contextual data from the patient’s natural environment. Company seeks to enhance its Behavior Connect platform – a HIPAA conforming online Consultation and Records Environment. It includes a personal health record, proprietary behavior imaging review tools, and other relevant functionality to facilitate remote interaction between families and their doctors who manage ongoing medication needs of these patients By enhancing the way a family can securely share prescribed captured video et al. health data from their home, the platform can facilitate a unique way to perform “e-visits”, which allow doctors to analyze – asynchronously – natural-environment behavior videos and other caregiver input quickly and efficiently. The resultant data that can be archived in the Behavior Connect platform may also have important implications to help a doctor: 1. better track patient progress longitudinally, and 2. gather unique naturalistic environment data that doctors can code to enrich their understanding of their patients’ behavioral phenotypes.




Oberleitner, Ronald

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1 year

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Innovative Small Business Research

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